Once upon a time in India in a little green town lived a little girl with long black hair and big brown eyes. She was very fond of her father, and he of her.

One day her father bought a special gift for her. It was a beautiful life size baby doll with brown hair and blue eyes. The little Indian girl looked at her beautiful doll. She wore a pretty red dress, a red and blue baby bonnet, and white knickers. She loved the way the little doll fell asleep soon as she laid her down. She called her Betty. She did not remember where the doll's name came from but she knew it suited her well. It did not matter to her that the doll did not look like her. In her heart she looked just like her,and she loved her with all her heart.

Soon the little Indian girl grew up into a big girl. Betty was kept safe in a closet downstairs and often the girl would look at her fondly. Whenever she looked at her, she could smell the Red Roses that bloomed in her garden. The sunshine would lend its warmth even in memory. The raindrops would fall in her mind, and she would see herself again. A little brown eyed Indian girl scurrying indoors so that Betty would not get wet.

One day the little Indian girl was dressed like a doll and was married off to a man she did not know. The little Indian girl was not very lucky with her marriage as with her doll. She soon became a sad girl. She had to eventually run away from home, and went to cold Canada. Though far away from home, she loved this new country. Here she saw many people who resembled her loving doll Betty. Perhaps it was because of that or perhaps the girl was just a brave girl, she soon made herself happy in her new home.

She started to write books for other big girls from every race and land who sometimes felt as sad and as lost as this girl. Her only sadness was that she could never see her doll Betty again, because in her culture to leave her marriage was to lose her family. She was sure her doll Betty stuck in a closet in far away India was just as sad as well.

Yes, she never saw her doll again... but Betty was etched so sweetly in her memory. On cold Canadian winters the girl now a young lady, only had to close her eyes and dream of Betty. Soon she was once more that happy little girl in a sun filled patch of jasmine flowers, skipping away from the errant raindrops to shield her precious blue eyed baby Betty.