Renate Scott

When I was a little girl growing up in Germany, at the age of four my parents bought me a doll named Ursula then at the age of six my sweet Inge came in to my life. I played with them for hours, bathing, taking them for walks and loving them a whole lot.

One day my father decided to clean out some of my dolls and other toys and put them into the cellar. When I found my sweet babies gone I ask my father to look for them, and he did -- they where GONE. Nobody could find them.

I missed my babies for years but I never forgot about them

Well, about a year ago my sister went to the attic and looked through a bunch of boxes that have been stored there for many years and there where my babies! She sent them to me and now, 50 years later, they are proudly being displayed in my living room.

I'm so glad to finally have my sweet babies back in my life.