Betty Crouch

I was born in 1930, Christmas was not like today. One gift was all you received besides candy and fruit.

I was the outdoor type, loving horses and my pony. I never dreamed of getting a doll. Being the tomboy that I was, I was sure Santa Claus knew a doll would be last thing on earth that I would want for Christmas.

About a week before Christmas, my brother who was four years older than me, knowing there wasn't a Santa Claus, he felt it was his duty to enlighten me. I was 5 years old when he took me to Daddy's closet, where my Mother had hidden this brown checked box. He got it off the top shelf and opened it up for me to see. Inside was a doll, I hated her immediately.

I was so sad to find out there was no Santa Claus and knowing I was getting a doll. I felt like my Christmas was ruined forever. A small toy horse would have delighted me. I had to pretend I really liked her when I opened the package on Christmas morning.

I never told my Mother, what had happened or that I didn't like dolls. I wouldn't have hurt her feelings by telling her. I now have a collection of toy horses, I suppose it stems from that Christmas.