Elizabeth Christian

She was the youngest of three brothers and two much older sisters. They were already away at school when she was born, and her dolls were a second family to her. She kept them under the bed ... a Bye-Lo doll, and the one special doll, named Woodrow Wilson.

Then came the night the farm house burned down, it was a very cold winter night. The fire was burning very fast against the Tennessee mountain winds but not until she pulled out her dolls did she scurry to safety.

The dolls lived with her in the temporary house on the farm, and later went with her to the city. She grew older, studied business, and later the dolls became part of her family when she married. But there were no children to inherit the dolls, so she gave them to her niece and thought to herself, "Will I ever see them again?"

Now she has a great great niece ... and together they all share a new set of dolls. There is Madeline, Molly, Leslie, American Girl dolls, and "Big Baby" the great - great niece's first doll, just the same size when she was born.

And somehow, like ghost dolls appearing from the past, the Bye-Lo doll and that special doll Woodrow Wilson sat looking at her, at least in her mind's eye.

I'm sure these special dolls will all be remembered as members of our extended multi-generational "Doll Family," as they should, in the mind's eye of another little girl, on some future day.