The winter was just beginning to set in. The city lights were trying to take over the blinding traffic lights. I was also among the crowds rushing to take the subway home, when I heard the tinkle of my cell phone. It was my sister.

"I need to see you right away. Let's meet for a quick coffee at Timothy's."

That was her. I smiled to myself and headed towards Timothy's. There she was - coffee already ordered and a table reserved. A beautiful hand-woven basket stood by her side. My heart warmed up as usual, on seeing her.

"Hey you look great!" were my sister's greeting words and I felt myself unwinding as usual at her presence. That is her magic.

As I eased myself into the chair, she pulled out something from the wicker basket. "She reminded me so much of you and so I picked her up, just for you. It just struck me that you would like her," she said.

I just couldn't believe it! She was just the doll I had paused to look at and wanted to hold so badly, at my lunch hour a couple of days ago. With her dreamy eyes and flowing shepherdess dress, her head tilted to one side, she seemed to look right into my eyes, beckoning. I had unconsciously whispered "Georgie" and reluctantly passed her by that afternoon.

As I held Georgie, I felt a tingle run through my body and looking up, a sudden recognition dawned on me. My sister's eyes were those of Georgie's. It was that tenderness that had drawn me to Georgie in the first place. "Thank you" was all I could say as I felt the lump in my throat and the prick of tears at the corner of my eyes.

Today, Georgie sits at my favorite spot in my home. And every time my day gets clouded, her eyes gaze right into mine and I can hear my sister's whisper "It'll be alright, soon" and believe it or not, it sure is.