Grumpy (G) Grubruder Heubach 12


Grumpy (G) Grubruder Heubach 12 All Composition , Painted eyes 8 3/4" Head circum.

"Grumpy" Character doll from the past, this doll was first made by the Schoenhut Toy Company in America in 1910. Schoenhut produced them made out of wood, while German companies made a doll similar to Grumpy made out of celluloid or painted bisque. Regardless of the way they were made, they evoke an emotion from the doll collector or owner that is second to none. For me, it reminded me of my beautiful daughter when she was little and showed her stubborn little personality. It has always been important to me, as with any artist, to work on something that evokes an emotion to the observer. This carries over into my artistry of doll restoration. This is the main reason I felt compelled to do this limited edition of 50 singed and numbered Grumpies. I hope you enjoy Grumpy as much as I enjoyed producing him.

Grumpy is all composition with hand painted facial features and airbrushed hair. He is 16" tall. His composition body a bent leg toddler body with five pieces, including moveable arms and legs. He is dressed is a simple costume, which is period dated to the early 1900's. His eyes are intaglio painted eyes.

Price: $495.00
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