Shirley Woods

My sister, Donna, was three years younger than me. We were separated for awhile in our toddler years but later we both lived, along with our mother, at our grandparent's home in a rural area of Kentucky.

Looking back, I realize I was jealous of Donna. She was the baby and got by with much mischief while I got blamed for everything. She had received a Tiny Tears doll for Christmas when she was about four or five years old. She played constantly with "Tiny" and took the doll everywhere she went.

One summer day we were on the front porch arguing as usual (over some trivial thing that I can't remember). Out of frustration I grabbed her doll and threw it down on the concrete floor.

Immediately, I regretted my action. Donna rushed to pick the doll up and ran in the house screaming loudly. I could see that Tiny Tears eyes were broken by my cruel, thoughtless action. They did not open and close anymore and were sunken deep in her head.

Donna was heartbroken and cried for the longest time. I was made to apologize and I was very remorseful but the stubborn streak in me, together with the deep feeling that she was favored over me, caused me to keep my feelings hidden.

Donna and I grew to be the best of friends and we have talked about that mishap many times. I continue to feel guilty and wish to make up for it in some way.

Last year, while visiting an antique shop (one of my favorite things to do) I saw a Tiny Tears doll and I had a strong desire to buy it and surprise my sister. My husband even encouraged me to. But the doll was slightly dirty, the hair was matted and I left without it.

There has to be a Tiny Tears out there somewhere that is the exact replica of her beloved friend and I am trusting that it finds its way to me. I keep scanning through many sources online but none have felt just right, yet. I will know when it does. Perhaps you can help me find that perfect one so I can present it to my little sister even though it happened about 48 years ago.