When I was eleven and my Grandmother turned 65, we both got a wonderful present.

I had been begging for a porcelain doll, I wanted one very badly. I loved the old doll my grandmother had. It was musical, when you wound the knob under the doll's dress it played a lullaby.

This doll was very special to my grandmother because when she was little, she also wanted a porcelain doll. She saved up her money and finally bought herself this doll. I was very young, so I didn’t get to hold that special doll a lot because she thought I might break it.

Since it was my grandmother’s birthday, my aunt Jana brought her the most beautiful porcelain doll for a gift. It had green eyes, blonde hair, a beautiful face, and maroon velvet party dress. I loved her so much, and I had wanted one so bad, I remember almost bursting into tears because I didn’t get one.

I was so jealous.

Later that day, my grandmother took me into her room and took her old doll down, she put it in my arms and told me to keep it. I was so happy! I named her “Lissey-doll.”

In time, she also gave me the doll my aunt had gotten her, which I named “Rachel.”

This Christmas, I finally got my own doll. My doll stands taller than my grandmother's dolls, she has reddish brown hair, emerald green eyes, an emerald green dress with an umbrella in her hand, and her name is “Emily.”

Although I love this doll dearly, none is so loved and special as my grandmother’s “Lissey-doll.”