Sharon Lucchesi

I remember the time when my sweet mama told me of the time she received her special surprise.

Since she was born in 1908 and being the youngest of seven children, it wasn't as easy to be overly indulged with toys like many children are today. So, of course, when something special came her way, like her own china doll, she knew she was to take very good care of it. This was mama's nature anyway to take care of her little things.

When Christmas finally came with all the excitment of the season mama knew not to expect another doll. In the household no one was even to see the Christmas tree until the grand showing of Christmas morning. It was all a mystery what was going on behind the closed door and what beautiful sights were being prepared for the wonderment of young eyes. This was her mother and father's doing.

Well, at last the anticipated morning arrived. The door was opened to all the family to gather around in the spirit of Christmas and receive their gifts, modest though they be, but happily received . . . but what should mama's eyes behold when she gazed about the grandure of the room in all its holiday decorations? Why, up. up in the tall Christmas tree was her doll . . . safely secured so as not to tumble but to be displayed in the prettiest new lavender velvet dress with new ribbons and lace she ever saw or imagined her doll to wear.

Her mother was a gifted woman with needlework and she put her special touches on mama's doll as a special gift not only to mama but to her little china doll . . . mama really did wish her dolly could have something new to wear for Christmas. To mama it seemed like she did get another doll and I bet my grandma felt like she got the best gift of all when she saw my mama's happy delight at the sight of dolly's new attire made by loving hands for Christmas.

Mama never forgot that beautiful sight and the feeling it gave her knowing how her mama did it all for her in secrecy just so she could have a very Merry Christmas.