Christina Jones

My parents were killed in an accident when I was three months old, my grandparents took me to raise, so I did not have many toys. My grandparents both had to work, so I did not feel alot of love, but my grandmother managed to buy me a doll, and it was my best friend.

When I was away visiting relatives someone broke my doll. Everyone said I was too old to play with dolls anyway. I was sad over the loss of my doll for a long time.

Later in life I married and had seven little dolls of my own, (four boys and three girls). Now that my children are grown up, I collect dolls (not the real ones).

I have lots of dolls of all kinds, but I kept looking for one like the doll I had when I was a little girl. I found one at a yard sale one day, now she is in my china cabinet, a wonderful memory of my doll, and my best friend when I was a child.