Marisa Perez

One year at Christmas time, the doll I'd been begging for finally appeared in my stocking! She was beautiful and amazing. Her lips were paper mache, and her body was cloth. Her skirt was black and shiny. Her hair was yellow and stringy. Her eyes were red buttons. Her hat was black velvet with an amethyst in the middle. Her shawl was pink with stripes. Some people, like me, adored her, and some were afraid of her.

I didn't care what anybody said; I loved her, and that was all that mattered. And...her name was Been There, Done That.

My friends Sarah and Eva loved her like I did. She was, yes, you guessed it, special.

I'd dream her dreams, she'd dream my dreams, and we’d be friends forever. We laughed, talked, and walked through imaginary universes where no one could harm us. It was like we were off in our own bubble, but we would float forever, and my enemy’s bubbles would break and give out. We'd share stories, she'd tell me wild stories about her travels, I'd share with her my hopes, dreams, goals, and daily activities.

I have her to this day, and I will always have her.

And together, we've both been there, done that.