She was 53 years old when she passed away. She always told my daughter, who is now 16 years old, that if anything ever happened to her, she wanted her to have her doll collection.

I am sure she had at least 150 different dolls that she cherished with all her heart. Well, in 2002 my mother got a rare kind of cancer, and about a month later she died of a massive heart attack.

Soon after her passing, my mother's husband was reminded of my Mother's precious dolls. He only gave my daughter a part of the collection that he wanted her to have. Because of my mother's promise to me and my daughter, we were crushed, because he didn't grant her wishes, and she never received the dolls my mom told her she would be getting.

My daughter and I both have come to the conclusion, that my mother, and her grandmother was more important than any dolls, even though it was her wishes. We weren't going to fuss over the dolls. My daughter has these precious dolls stored in her room, and is taking very good care of the ones she has. It is because they were her grandmothers that she wants to hang on to all she has left to remember her by, other than the very wonderful memories of the times we were together. My mom wouldn't have wanted a fuss, so we decided to end it and be satisfied with what we have. I am sure that's how my mom would have wanted us to be.

Then again, I wonder if it would have been worth the battle to fight for what my Mother really wanted, and that was to let my daughter have the dolls that she had wanted her to have... I have to think that what we did, and how we handled it, was how Mom wanted it to be.