Gale Jontz

As every child experiences, there comes a time when the number of toys you get for Christmas seems to dwindle, just as does your enthusiasm for getting them. But you never seem prepared for the day when you only get clothes.

My year for experiencing this tragic reality (from a child's perspective) was the year I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted a Chatty Cathy, the most popular doll that year or a Little Miss No Name, which I saw on a commercial and fell in love with her. That Christmas I was very happy to see Chatty Cathy under the Christmas tree, but my heart sank when I did not see Little Miss No Name. The next year I hoped to get her and it was the dreaded year that I received only clothes.

To this day, (I was born in 1955), I have often wondered what ever happened to Little Miss No Name; she seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. I even started to think I only imagined that she existed. Tonight, I mentioned her to my husband at dinner and he suggested looking her up on-line. Much to my surprise, there were others who loved this doll as much as I did. I discovered on-line that she was taken off the market one year after her revue and has now racked up a net worth of an unbelievable price, if still in the box.

I was hoping to find her on e-bay, but doubt that I'll have any luck. I pray that I do though, because in a weird sort of way I'd feel like I had everything if I only had her.

Ironically, I never had a daughter, but did give birth to two healthy boys. Then, after marrying for the third time, I have a step daughter who strongly resembles Little Miss No Name and I thank God for her.

...Still, it'd be great to have Little Miss No Name, too.