Please keep up the wonderful work

April Gagnon
Dear Gary, I just want to thank you again so much for the beautiful restoration job you did on my mother's 1940s MaMa doll. I am not sure who was more excited for her to receive the gift -her or me! As you can see, from the picture I've included, she was completely thrilled with receiving her doll for a second time. My mother is so proud of "her first baby" and makes a point to show her to everyone that will take the time to look (both the before and after). This has truly been the most meaningful gift that I have ever been able to give my mother (other than her three grandchildren!). Please keep up the wonderful work - you must know how much joy your talent brings! Sincerely, April Gagnon P.S. And yes, she did cry when she saw her! Below is a quick note that my mother had written you after she received her doll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Gary, I was amazed at the wonderful job you did on my doll that I got as a gift at age 7! My sister got a doll at the same time, unfortunately she let her grandchildren play with it, and after the fact, thought it wasn't worth saving. She just couldn't believe it when she saw my repaired doll, as my doll was in worse condition than hers! She is really kicking herself for that! Thanks again for the wonderful reconstruction on her - she looks new at the age of 58 years old. I have friends and relatives alike that couldn't believe it after I showed them the pictures of what she looked like before you worked on her. Please keep up the wonderful work that you must truly love! It will make so many people happy, as I am! Sincerely, Irma Griglak