One doll or an entire collection, documented doll history and background. Value to be determined by original condition of doll or dolls in question. Fee : 10% of value of item or hourly rate (to be determined). Shipping charges not included if applicable. Picture of doll or dolls can be supplied with appraisal if requested. This is usually required for insurance purposes, charges not included.

We Sell on Consignment

If customers are interested in selling their dolls, we do consign dolls, (on site) for a period of time to be agreed upon by all, (minimum 90 days) We try to sell dolls for as close to appraised value or as high as market will bear. If time is on your side as a seller, this is the best approach to maximize your investment. Fee 25% value of item, (if sold) plus any miscellaneous charges.

We can sell your dolls on our web site, (minimum 90 days). This service fee is 25% value of item, (if sold) plus the cost of lay out and photography charges. These charges will vary as to the amount of items being updated into the system.

We Buy Dolls

We also buy dolls. Some of our customers are more interested in getting the value out of their dolls as soon as possible. If this is the case, we usually purchase dolls for between 40% and 70% of their appraised value. The reason for this variance depends on the type and quality of the dolls in question. This can be beneficial for the customer. We found that this approach is better than auctioning. If you ever had items at auction, you know that prices at auctions can fluctuate drastically, and the auction service still take their fees. This can be a gamble. Once your precious item are on the block, it's to late!

Estate Sales

Estate sales/tag sales: For customers with large doll collections and related items, we offer appraisal on site. Fee's vary with location, travel time, and whether we broker the sale itself. (Average fee is 25% of value) this can save the customer heartaches later when they find out items were sold drastically under priced, at a fraction of their original value. We normally price this type of sale "willing buyer, willing seller" which makes for a good sale and moves items very well. This means that items are priced with the assumption that the seller is willing to sell at a reasonable price, and that the buyer is knowledgeable and willing to pay a reasonable price. For more information, contact Gary.