Heather DeBrosse

In 1977, when I was nine years old, I wanted a very special doll. I wanted a doll that looked like me. All the dolls I had ever seen in the toy stores had blonde hair and blue eyes. I had long dark hair and dark brown eyes. I wanted a baby to look like her “Mommy” ... me.

I had collected money from my birthday and chores I did around the house and money from recycling newspapers. I was ready to buy my baby doll.

My mother took me to a store somewhere that had a special doll section. At the time, we lived in Philadelphia and it was around Christmas time that we went.; I remember because it was so cold outside. I didn't care about the weather, I wanted to get my baby.

Inside the store I found the baby of my dreams. She had brown hair and brown eyes that opened and closed. She cried, “Mama,” when you laid her down. I fell in love right away.

She also was expensive. At the time I bought her for $35. I didn't realize she was a Madame Alexander Baby Doll. But then, it didn't matter. I loved her.

As the years passed, I gave birth to two boys ... both with blonde hair and blue eyes! However, my baby had been put away and the head had fallen off. We had moved many, many times. My husband knew that the doll meant a lot to me.

This past Christmas, 1998, he asked me if I would open just one present on Christmas Eve. Since we don’t normally open presents until Christmas morning. I was reluctant, but I agreed.

He told me to sit down. He gave me a big box and told me to go ahead and open it.

Inside the tightly wrapped box was my baby. She was fully restored. Her head sewn back on, and the old clothes I had packed her away in were replaced with a white Christening gown, white bonnet, silky socks and white baby shoes.

I was truly speechless ... I couldn't believe he had been so kind to have dug through the boxes and searched for her. It was a wonderful Christmas and my two blonde haired, blue eyed sons thought she was beautiful too.

This is my favorite doll story.