Shauna Adams

In the 1960's, during my elementary school years, my favorite place to be was in the school library. Not only did they have wonderful and exciting books to read, but the librarian had filled the room with beautiful pictures of characters from the books traced with the help of an overhead projector and brought to life with colored chalk. I thrilled to see the "fairies in my garden" as well as "treasures" from Treasure Island. But my favorite was "Little Women" from the book of the same name.

One day, when I went to the library, I found a display of all the Little Women dolls. From that day on, the first thing I did when going to the library, was to go directly to that display. I was hooked! Being a child, I didn't think to ask her where I could get similar dolls. I just wished they were mine.

Several years later, my fourteenth birthday was coming up and my mom asked me what I would like for my birthday. Did I want a dress? How about some new shoes?

To these questions, I answered a weak "No."

Finally the day of my birthday I went downtown with my mom to the paint store while she picked up some items. Lo and behold, when I went in the store, I looked up and saw a display of Madame Alexander Little Women dolls. They were the dolls that I saw in the library all those years ago!!!

I was so excited to see them. I knew right away what I wanted. I wanted the 8" Amy. Her pretty dress with the yellow pinafore and all those golden curls were irresistible.

However, there was one problem. The problem was I was 14, and too big for dolls. I was too embarrassed to ask for her. As we left the store, I could feel the chance of getting her growing slimmer and slimmer with every step. Finally, I just burst out with, "I think I would like the Amy doll at that store for my birthday, Mom!"

She looked at me quite surprised but took me back, and bought the doll, she cost $7.50.

Over the years I have continued to collect the rest of the Little Women dolls, and several more besides. I found out that as an adult I can tell people that I am a "doll collector" and no one seems to find it odd at all that my favorite gifts are still dolls. After all, you never are too old for dolls! Oh, and by the way, my oldest child, a girl, I named Amy.