She is so beautiful.

Hi Gary, Louise, and Stephanie, I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the doll you folks designed for me. She is so beautiful. Having her keeps the image of my precious granddaughter Allena close to me. Better yet, maybe someday when I'm not around Allena will have this doll to share with her children. Your workmanship is absolutely wonderful, the details, like the eyelashes and such beautiful eyes. The skin tones are so real. I also love the human hair. I've always heard about the excellent work you folks do, and now I've found out for myself. Thanks again. Most Sincerely, Pat Pelishik

Pat Pelishik

Shirley is absolutely beautiful

Gary and Louise, Shirley is absolutely beautiful. She has truly been adored by everyone who has visited my shop since she came home. I received her on Christmas Eve so it was really like a Christmas Present. My mom and dad gave her to me in 1936 when I was four years old. I have always been a doll lover. Mom loved dolls,too. We (Mom and I) have looked for a doll hospital for several years and it was only after she died last April that I found your place. But, Mom left me the money to have Shirley restored, so, you can see how very special she is to me. I have Mom's German bisque doll that she received in 1912 from her parents and I plan to have her restored this year. She has her very, very old dress and hat on, but, her hair and eyes are gone. I will be talking to you very soon about her. Thanks again. I couldn't be more pleased. Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson

She turned out so beautifully!

Gary! She turned out so beautifully! Thank you for your services. I knew I'd be pleased but when I opened the box and uncovered her I must say that I was taken by surprise by her beauty. This doll was given to my grandmother as a young child. The family were early settlers of Washington state and Alma's first home would have been on a houseboat, as the family business was oystering. Where they would have kept such a beautiful doll is beyond me! Thanks again for restoring her. Sincerely, Ruth Borrelli

Ruth Borrelli


I am absolutely speechless

Gary, Just to let you know that my "Hair Loop Bow" doll's head arrived today safe and sound. I am absolutely speechless as to the beautiful restoration job you did on this head. She is gorgeous! Thank you again for your wonderful work, and keeping me informed of the process along the way. After stringing her jointed wooden body and attaching the head, I will have a beautiful heirloom and prized addition to my Joseph L. Kallus collection of wood-jointed dolls. Thanks again, Suzi



He is exquisite!

Dear Gary, My Whistler doll arrived safely Monday May 8. He is exquisite! Wish I'd taken a "before" picture but it didn't occur to me at the time. I'm very happy with him, your workmanship is wonderful. I'm so glad I never lost his sailor suit. I'll await his new sailor hat. Sandi Challoner

Sandi Challoner


Mother opening the box, she was in tears

Gary, I apologize for not writing sooner, but I wanted to wait until my photos were developed to share some of them with you. As you can see from the photo of my Mother opening the box, she was in tears when she saw how beautiful the doll was due to your extraordinary workmanship. You restored the doll in such a marvelous manner that my mother thought we had purchased a new doll. When we showed the doll to my 95 year old grandmother (photos later), the original owner of the doll, she just kept stroking her face and hair in disbelief. She too could not believe that it was the original doll and was almost giddy when she saw the doll's eyes open and close again. She explained that the eyes were plastered in place after her brother had poked the doll's eyes out in a childhood spat. As I had mentioned before, the hair for the doll's wig was from my greatgrandmother. Everyday when she brushed her long hair, she would remove the hair from her brush and place it in a bag until she had enough to make the wig. Just a little history! Gary, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for making both of these moments so memorable -- they were truly priceless. Thank you!! Karen Moody and the Bolander Girls

Karen Moody and the Bolander Girls

She looks beautiful again

Hi Gary, I just got home from the post office and couldn't wait to see Snow White. She looks beautiful again. I finally did something right when I chose you to do her repair work. She looks exactly as we discussed she should look. You are a "master" and I'm sure you are very proud of your talent. As you should be. I would certainly refer anyone to you, should the opportunity arise. Thank you, I am very happy. Beverly



You did a wonderful job

Dear Gary, I just wanted to let you know my Shirley Temple doll got here in great shape today. She looks just beautiful! You did a wonderful job on her. Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Terri Hutton

Terri Hutton


Thank you for the beautiful job.

Dear Gary, I received my doll, and I want to thank you for the beautiful job. She looks brand new. She is on display in my home. Thank you again, Elin McCormick

Elin McCormick


Every thing is perfect.

Dear Gary, Thank you for the excellent job that you did with my doll. She is so beautiful. Every thing is perfect. The dress is just wonderful. The work on her body and face is just so very masterfully done. You take me back to 1947 and the way she looked on that Christmas. Thank you. Betty F. Coger

Betty F. Coger