Anita Vernon

In 2003 I wrote a story of how I lost my beloved” Betty Bows" when my cousin took her to the hospital with her to comfort her while suffering from polio.During the years of my childhood, polio was a rampant, and striking children of all ages.

I loved my Betty, but I loved my cousin also so I let my Betty go, only for her to be destroyed later from the hospital sterilizing her before she could return home to me.

Betty was destroyed due to her being an all rubber baby doll by the Sun Rubber Co in 1950.

I was devastated since she was my very first doll (I only had two as a child) and it left a mark on me all of these long years.

I have never found another Betty Bows until now!!!

Let me tell you that it does not matter how old a woman is when she finds her doll she has loved for years!

I am a small child anticipating Betty's return in the mail to me. I await the seconds. If I had to give up all the dolls I have acquired throughout my will be all have been worth it.

Life is really strange.

Enjoy your childhood and all the love and moments that one special doll can bring you!

Remember the love, laughter, and joy your doll brought you as a child and you will forever be young. I am. Betty is home!!