Bru Jne 15, 21"


One of the best known and most sought after French dolls is the Bru. The Bru Jne. & Cie. doll company was founded by Leon Casimer Bru in 1866. The Bru was produced until 1899 when many of the existing French doll companies merged to form SFBJ. She has a round face and full brows. Her lashes are delicate strokes, and her eyes are glass paperweight. All of these features are on a composition body. Sowatzka's are able to offer a number of different styles and sizes of the beloved Bru.

As with all reproduction dolls made by Sowatzka's, the Bru's are singed, numbered and dated by the artist. Because each doll is made for the individual customer, you will have the opportunity to select eye and wig color, and style of costume. Prices may vary with type of outfit selected.

Costumes for the Bru's are made from the finest fabrics available. We use silks, silk dupionnes, failles, and 100% silky cottons or batistes. If you have an old dress or antique fabrics that you would like us to incorporate into these costumes, we would be happy to do so for you.

Price: $795.00
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