Interested in having a Custom Made Doll created for yourself or a loved one?

The artists at Sowatzka's dolls have been producing custom dolls for many years. Do you have a favorite photo of that special child or grandchild? Would you like to capture the moment in a life like doll? Sowatzka's Dolls can create a doll to look like your child. Do you have a special outfit that you wish your child could wear forever? Well, the seamstresses at Sowatzkas can often reduce the size of your child's outfit to fit the doll of your choice. If reduction is not possible, duplication often is.

Sowatzka's Dolls can also create a doll to bring to life that childhood photo of Grandma or Grandpa. A doll made to resemble a loved one is a unique tribute to a favorite family member.

You can make that special person as happy as these Little Mother's, by ordering that special custom doll by Sowatzka's.

Nothing captures the essence of childhood like a custom made doll. A doll from Sowatzka's can preserve the individual personality of your favorite child. Contact Sowatzka's Dolls for more information and a free estimate on the cost of creating a personal heirloom.

Cost of dolls vary with type of doll and costuming. Prices average between $350 and $500, a small price to pay for a family heirloom that will be treasured for years to come. All dolls are signed by the artist. Contact Gary Sowatzka for information on how you can order one of these special treasures. For more information regarding custom dolls, please contact use using our automated contact form or call us at 715.277.4591.

Custom Doll Results