Dionne Quintuplets


The Dionne Quintuplets captured the hearts of millions when they were born. Their story has intrigued many, even those who were born after these little ones were the talk of two nations. Because quintuplets are so rare, they were a novelty, put on display by the Canadian government. Their images were used to sell everything from laundry soap to cereal. These five little girls were ambassadors of good will for the Canadian government. Their likenesses have been captured by Sowatzka’s in this set of composition baby dolls. Each of the quintuplets had their own color that they wore in order to assist the public in identifying them, so the dolls are dressed in the customary colors, yellow, pink, green, lavender and blue. Each doll is 7" tall, and is on a composition body with moveable arms and legs. Too cute to resist.

*The white painted wooden bed is available for an additional $65.00.

Price: $595.00
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