Emile Jumeau 22"


The Jumeau doll company was founded by Pierre-Francios Jumeau in 1845, and was known for it's beautiful French Bebe's throughout Europe. In 1874 Pierre's son Emile Louis Jumeau took over the firm, and he lead the company until 1899 when it merged to form SBFJ. Jumeau produced a number of beautiful dolls including the Tete, the EAJ, and many character and mechanical dolls. The Jumeau's are known for thier lushly painted lashes, and their brushed stroked and multi feathered brows. One of their originals is definitely a treasure to add to any collection.

Because the average doll collector cannot find or afford an original Jumeau, Sowatzka's Dolls has decided to make a number of Jumeau reproductions available to you. Our reproductions Jumeaus are as similar to the originals as possible. The eyes are glass paperwieght inset eyes and come in either blue or brown. The wigs are mohair, and are available in a variety of styles and colors. The dolls are on a French style, fully jointed, composition body and are dressed in appropriate costumes made from all natural fabrics, such as silks, failles, dupionnes, 100% silky cottons and laces. The painting is copied from photos of originals.

Price: $795.00
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