In order to safely ship your doll and have it insured through your shipper it must meet certain requirements. The box should be fairly sturdy and there should be certain packing material used for cushioning your doll .We normally recommend using bubble wrap in conjunction with styrene peanuts or other cellulose packaging material. Choose a box that is 3- 4 inches larger then the doll itself.

If the doll has sleep eye's as in a antique German or French dolls you would have to secure the eye's. This is done by taking the pate off along with the wig . At this point you would want to put tissue paper carefully in the inside of the head making sure the eye's are secure from movement .This will prevent the head or eye's from being damaged in shipment . This can be a very costly and dis-heartening experience if this step in the packaging process is not done correctly .You may have to wrap the arms and legs separately At this point you would want to wrap the doll in bubble wrap paying close attention to the head .In some cases we have used disposable diapers over the head before using the bubble wrap for extra protection .To much packaging is always better than not enough. At this point you are ready to put the doll in the box making sure that there is at least 3-4 inches of space around the entire doll .Now the cellulose packing peanuts should be added . You would want to use enough so that the doll will not move and the box is completely full . At this point your doll is ready to be safely on her way.

You must always remember to insure your doll with the shipper . Never take it for granted that it is automatically covered .I always recommend insuring the doll for what you feel it is worth . It is not necessary to have an appraisal done in most cases . If you're not sure please feel free to contact me and I should be able to advise to the correct amount. In the case of a extremely expensive or rare doll I would recommend the same procedure only double boxing the doll and correctly insure the doll.

When Shipping Dolls to Sowatzka's Dolls for Repairs, Please Use The Following Mailing Address:

Sowatzka's Dolls
7273 Kelly Dr
Lake Tomahawk WI, 54539