Kestner Hilda 16 1/2"


JD Kestner was known as the king of the dollmakers. The Kestner doll company made dolls and toys from 1805 to 1925, in their German factories. He is best known for his googlies and his character babies. The Kestner Doll Company started out as a toy factory and evolved into a major doll manufactured. The Kestner dolls are known by their mold numbers, with very few of them having names.

One well known exception is the Hilda. A much coveted original, she has a wonderfully chubby face and finely painted lashes and brows. Hilda comes with German glass sleep eyes, mohair wigs, and Christening gowns made of 100% cotton fabrics and laces made in Switzerland.

This product is also available in a 19 1/2" version and a 22" version

As with all reproductions made by Sowatzka's, their Kestners are signed, numbered and dated by the artist, and are dressed in appropriate clothing made only of natural fabrics.

Price: $495.00
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