Mein Liebling 10"


The Kammer Reinherdt doll company produced many types of dolls from 1866 to 1925. They produced character babies, pouties, toddlers and baby dolls. One of the best known K*R's is the Mein Liebling, which was patented in 1901. This German Child doll makes an adorable boy or girl. With inset German glass eyes, a mohair wig and a composition body, this doll will make an excellent addition to any doll collection. She stands 10" tall, which makes her perfect for that empty spot on your doll shelf. Because each reproduction is made for the individual buyer, you can choose either a boy or a girl, and the costume you wish it to be dressed in. If no costume is selected, they are properly dressed in simple calico or batiste fabrics with fine cotton laces of our choice. If you have any antique fabrics or laces we will be happy to incorporate them into the outfit. Prices may vary depending on the outfit selected.

Price: $155.00
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