Martha Edwards

My story took place in the early forties. My parents were not very well off, but tried to give us a good Christmas every year. I had one rubber doll and clothing my mother made for her. I loved her dearly, but always wanted more dolls. On this particular Christmas we went to my Aunt and Uncles for the holiday. My sister and I were afraid Santa wouldn't find us there? We were WRONG!

When we opened our gifts we each received a doll, a doll buggy each, and some small things from our folks. BUT, my aunt and mother had planned ahead and we each got a complete wardrobe, a doll bed made by my uncle, sheets, pillows, quilts for our beds, and pads for our buggies! We cannot remember a better Christmas ever!

I realize now that the dolls were cheap and mine was ugly, but as children we thought they were priceless! The sad part of the story is that my sister ruined her doll, and her buggy. My parents sold my buggy and gave away my dolls when I "was too big for dolls ". I don't remember what happened to the beds? I have my buggy pad, quilt, an outfit, pillow and pillowcase, and even though I now own about 2000 dolls, I would give anything to have those dolls back!