Gabriel Heubach company produced porcelain dolls from 1843 until 1930. They came to be known for their character babies. These wonderful German dolls were made in a variety of different styles. Many had intaglio eyes, but a number of them also had glass sleep eyes. This reproduction Heubach is one of their more popular dolls, the Pouty. This dolls is very versatile, either being seen as a boy our a girl. Among Heubach collectors, this doll is the most sought after. Sowatzka's have a 22" Pouty on a composition body with either set or sleep eyes. Because each reproduction is made for the individual customer, style of outfit, eye color, wig color and sex of doll can be chosen. Prices will vary depending on type of outfit selected and if sleep eyes are requested. The boy Pouty is dressed in a reproduction of an original outfit made in ultra-suede and Swiss batiste.

Price: $785.00
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