Shirley is absolutely beautiful

Jane Peterson
Gary and Louise, Shirley is absolutely beautiful. She has truly been adored by everyone who has visited my shop since she came home. I received her on Christmas Eve so it was really like a Christmas Present. My mom and dad gave her to me in 1936 when I was four years old. I have always been a doll lover. Mom loved dolls,too. We (Mom and I) have looked for a doll hospital for several years and it was only after she died last April that I found your place. But, Mom left me the money to have Shirley restored, so, you can see how very special she is to me. I have Mom's German bisque doll that she received in 1912 from her parents and I plan to have her restored this year. She has her very, very old dress and hat on, but, her hair and eyes are gone. I will be talking to you very soon about her. Thanks again. I couldn't be more pleased. Jane Peterson