Linda Wood

My favorite doll would have to be my cowgirl doll that my sister got me several years ago.

She is the first doll I got as a big kid. My sister Jean got her for me when we went shopping after Mom passed away. A true and loving sister gives from the heart and dolls capture people's hearts.

Soon after I got her, I had her sitting on the table. Our little sick Pomeranian dog didn't know what to think of her, and half growled - half barked at her. We no longer have him now, as he's resting peacefully at Rainbow Bridge, but every time I look at the doll I'll have that memory and a lighter heart.

My Sweetie, as I'll call my doll, inspired me to keep collecting. I've been lucky to meet people and find friends, as a result. Don't ever let anyone tell you - no matter what age you are - that you're too old to collect dolls, as they become an added bonus in your life.