She took my breath away!

Hi Gary, She took my breath away! She looks so beautiful! I only wish my mom could have seen her looking this way. And, I didn't know that she cried. That was a nice surprise. What a difference the teeth make in her appearance. I'm going to give her to my only granddaughter when she gets a little older in remembrance of her greatgrandmother. But I will be enjoying her until that time. I can't thank you enough for the restoration work that you have done. You did a beautiful job and really brought her back to life. Thank you again. Best wishes for a happy holiday season. Sincerely, Marie Blasi

Marie Blasi

Please keep up the wonderful work

Dear Gary, I just want to thank you again so much for the beautiful restoration job you did on my mother's 1940s MaMa doll. I am not sure who was more excited for her to receive the gift -her or me! As you can see, from the picture I've included, she was completely thrilled with receiving her doll for a second time. My mother is so proud of "her first baby" and makes a point to show her to everyone that will take the time to look (both the before and after). This has truly been the most meaningful gift that I have ever been able to give my mother (other than her three grandchildren!). Please keep up the wonderful work - you must know how much joy your talent brings! Sincerely, April Gagnon P.S. And yes, she did cry when she saw her! Below is a quick note that my mother had written you after she received her doll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Gary, I was amazed at the wonderful job you did on my doll that I got as a gift at age 7! My sister got a doll at the same time, unfortunately she let her grandchildren play with it, and after the fact, thought it wasn't worth saving. She just couldn't believe it when she saw my repaired doll, as my doll was in worse condition than hers! She is really kicking herself for that! Thanks again for the wonderful reconstruction on her - she looks new at the age of 58 years old. I have friends and relatives alike that couldn't believe it after I showed them the pictures of what she looked like before you worked on her. Please keep up the wonderful work that you must truly love! It will make so many people happy, as I am! Sincerely, Irma Griglak

April Gagnon

Thank you for your fast service and artistic craftsmanship

Dear Gary, WOW! To say that I'm pleased with the restoration work you did on my Jerry Mahoney ventriloquist doll would be the understatement of the millennium! You are a true artist. I can't see where the repairs are in the composition, no matter how hard I look. Thank you for your fast service and artistic craftsmanship. I have a large collection of puppets and marionettes and many need some restoration. With your permission I'd like to ship another one to you for an estimate. Thanks again for the professional service. Sincerely, Tommy Goodwin

Tommy Goodwin

Thank you so much!

Gary, My baby doll arrived while I was out of town visiting with ill relatives. My husband claimed it for me, at the post office. I am so very pleased with the finished product; she is wonderful. It is apparent she was restored with loving care. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into her restoration. She is going to one of my adult daughters, and eventually to her daughter, my granddaughter. Beckey Turner Blair, Nebraska

Blair, Nebraska

She is beautiful!!!

Hi Gary! This is just a note to let you know that we just received Shirley today ... she is beautiful!!! Gary, my mom wants me to tell you that you're THE BEST!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Take care, AJ Lonif

AJ Lonif


There aren't words for me to express

Dear Gary and Louise, How can I ever thank you? There aren't words for me to express to you how I am feeling right now. You did an amazing job restoring my little girl. She looks so absolutely beautiful. You are both indeed masters at what you do. I came home from a short trip to the market today to find a notice in my mailbox of attempted delivery by the postman. I jumped back in my car and drove through our little community trying to find him. A few blocks away I spotted his truck and beeped my horn until he stopped. I told him "You have something in your truck I have been waiting a very long time for." I brought her home and called my husband because I had promised him I wouldn't open the package until he was home with me. He came home and we opened the package together. It is a moment I will always remember, there was so much emotion I could hardly believe the way I felt. Thank you both again. And if you ever come across a Lenci that someone is willing to part with let me know. I would love to have another as I have two grand-daughters. With my deepest appreciation, Arlene Fried

Arlene Fried

You are a Master

Hi Gary, After going to your site, and reading through letters you receive, I saw myself in them. I am a graduate of San Francisco art institute and have some general knowledge of restoration background, but do not have the experience with the knowledge of dolls that only many years of "doing it" can bring. You are a Master. When I get her, I'll know more, and can decide how far I want to go, repair or restoration, and then send her to you. I also read the info on packing for shipping - sleep eyes need a lot of special care. Again, thank you, and I will be back in touch as soon as I get the doll. Regards, Janice



More beautiful than I could have ever imagined

Hi Gary, Hope that you like the pictures. I know that the clothing is dated earlier than my doll but I like the style. This doll is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. You are so talented. Thank you for giving a memory of my mother that I would never have been able to share with my sister had it not been for you. We both consider our dolls priceless as are your talents. Thank you, Christine O Donnell

Christine O Donnell


Miss Scarlett

Hi Gary, I received Miss Scarlett. It appears you restored more than we agreed upon initially. I guess you realized that after the fact, so I get the benefit of the mistake. Which says a lot for your integrity and I thank you for sticking with the agreement. Having said all that, I've gotta say I was delighted with the results; everything was way beyond what I expected. The hair, eyes, repairs and particularly the repainting with such attention to the eyelashes, lips, eyebrows and 'rosy' highlights ... well, the word "Wow" leaps to mind! Needless to say, I'll be sending my next doll (a vintage Shirley) to you very soon for a makeover. It's always a gamble trying an unknown, especially an online contact; but when it works out well, you hold onto that contact. Thanks for your great work, Jim Cosman

Jim Cosman

The "Uncle Pete" Test

Dear Gary, My beautiful Elizabeth arrived today! She is indeed lovely and I am very happy with the results! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your great work. She even passed the "Uncle Pete" test . . . my youngest brother and biggest critic thought that she was beautiful as well! My three children have commented that she isn't scary looking anymore, and I must wholeheartedly agree! The best part is that she still looks like herself, only pretty again! Thanks so much for restoring Elizabeth. It is like having a part of my childhood restored. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family. Sincerely, Lea Williams

Lea Williams