Joan Kenny

When my grandmother passed away at 96 she left me her entire collection of antique dolls. I was delighted to find among them a little Bleuette. Unfortunately she was on a 5-piece French Body. Attached to the doll was a note that said shortly after she received the doll, her younger brother sawed the doll in half pretending to be a magician! Rather than see her daughter kill her brother, her mother replaced the body with a 5 piece French body and she still is 10 5/8 inches!

My grandma so loved her dolls. My grandfather (who was also an immigrant) used to make the production molds (not the sculpt) for IDEAL DOLLS. My grandma said she married him because he was the only man who understood her love for dolls and loved them almost as much as he did her! Naturally I grew up loving every doll I saw.